Do your New Year’s resolutions include expanding your essential oil collection or exploring new ways to use them? That’s a fantastic start, but there is another way you can enhance your essential oil practice. In addition to your current resolutions, you can set a goal to bring your essential oils into new places in and outside the home. Some places may seem pretty predictable, but others may catch you completely off guard. Essential oils are a safe way to augment any environment or experience, and now you’ll have a list of the best places to use them.

The Home Gym

Essential oils can bring the power of an uplifting scent to a workout. You can diffuse single essential oils like lemon oil or a blend in a home gym or workout area. Alternatively, applying a drop or two of a topical-safe oil to the inside of your wrist brings a subtle scent that won’t permeate the whole room. (Just be sure to avoid sunlight and UV rays for at least 12 hours after topical application of lemon oil or other citrus oils.)

The Living Room

Essential oils belong in living spaces like the living room. Add a few drops of a popular oil like frankincense oil to a diffuser to enjoy having a pure scent fill a room. You can also use some oils in cleaning solutions for living spaces, which can help refresh the environment.

The Kitchen

If you have yet to bring essential oils into the kitchen, you are missing out on some beautiful flavors. Yes, flavors. Add ingestible essential oils to baked goods and savory dishes for exciting new takes on all-time favorite foods. Be sure to check the labels to confirm which oils are safe for ingestion.

The Bathroom

Instead of using a diffuser in the bathroom, consider adding essential oil drops to a corner in the shower. Or, put two drops of an oil like eucalyptus oil into the palm of your hands and cup them to your face. The steamy environment is ideal for using these simple techniques.

The Locker Room

You can bring essential oils with you when you leave the house—even when you go to the gym. Use a revitalizing scent like peppermint oil while hanging out in the locker room. You can enjoy it before or after a workout by applying it to your wrists or spritzing it around you with a small spray bottle.

The Park

If you’re always taking your kids outside, essential oils can join your adventures. There are essential oil blends and products designed to help you stay clean and protected from bugs. Plus, you can find essential oils specially blended and diluted for kids to experience.

The Campsite

When it’s time to pack up the camping gear and head out into the wilderness, essential oil products can provide some nourishing skin protection. You can keep bugs at bay with a potent blend of citronella, lemongrass, and cedarwood oils and block UV rays using a mineral sunscreen spray with carrot seed and frankincense essential oils.

Using essential oils in different places is just as important to your essential oil practice as using them in different ways. There are ways to safely bring your favorite essential oils and essential oil products to areas inside and outside the home. Don’t be afraid to go exploring with your essential oils (in addition to exploring more essential oils). Whether you stick to the basics and add peppermint oil to a spray bottle or try an essential oil-infused mineral sunscreen spray, essential oils can be just what you need in the new year.

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