You love your essential oils. You could spend the whole day enjoying the scent of them. Your family, on the other hand, is having trouble getting on board. Luckily, essential oils are incredibly versatile, and there are many ways to get your family interested in using them. That might mean you need to expand your collection or uncover unique ways to make essential oils more approachable. If you’re hoping to grow your practice and include your family in the fun, the following ideas could inspire you.

Diffuse Ultra-Diluted Essential Oils

If just one person in your family is sensitive to certain scents, it can seem nearly impossible to make the most of essential oils without making them uncomfortable. Instead of going for the full effect of a smell, try diffusing an ultra-diluted essential oil and choose a mild scent like lavender or vanilla.

Introduce Family to Essential Oil Supplements

Diffusing essential oils is just one of the many ways to enjoy them. Another exciting way to get people on board with essential oils is through essential oil supplements. Dual chamber turmeric supplements are an excellent option that demonstrates the power of essential oils without the actual smell. The capsules can include turmerones and curcuminoids, working together to support an active lifestyle. Supplements are an excellent option for family members who may not be interested in aromas.

Use Essential Oils in Cleaning Products

Everyone loves a clean home, and essential oils can help your living space have a refreshed and invigorating aroma. Particular oils work incredibly well in DIY cleaning products, including lemon, bergamot, eucalyptus, and lemongrass essential oil. Add a blend of essential oils to a vinegar solution to wipe down surfaces, create DIY wipes for easy cleanup, or even make a DIY stovetop cleaner. You can also try using essential oils in leather polishes, jewelry polishes, dish soap, and hand soap. The possibilities are practically endless.

Drop Essential Oils Onto the Shower Floor

If nobody in your house is sensitive to certain essential oils, you can be slightly sneaky in your approach. Add one to five drops of an essential oil like eucalyptus oil to the corner of your shower where the water doesn’t hit it directly. The steam from the shower will act like a diffuser and spread the aroma throughout the bathing area. You could also try other scents, depending on the effect you want them to have or someone’s personal preference.

Getting other people interested in essential oils may require creativity, but it’s a fun way to expand your practice. If your family members are on the fence about using essential oils themselves, you can use high-quality essential oils and essential oil products for encouragement. Incorporate the scents in various ways around the home, featuring them in the kitchen or a fitness regimen. That way, your family can see how easy it is to enjoy the power of natural aromas.

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